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 Post subject: Re: Modifying Sprockets
 Post Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:21 pm 
Knob Magnet
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Str8 Edge wrote:
370steve wrote:
DO IT, DO IT NOW :evil

B&C Express will have them in stock 8o

Steve can you share your personal experience with 14t front...?

i ran all my hornets with 14/45, it keeps the motor in the "sweet spot" rev wise, yes it revs, but that is
where the power is (8K +)
its like loosing 6th gear and gaining a new lower 1st :evil
chain wear is slightly higher as chains dont like small front sprockets, but the overall performance increase/feel is
well worth it.



 Post subject: Re: Modifying Sprockets
 Post Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:42 pm 

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Str8 Edge wrote:
richard pitman wrote:
I'd second Rich's comment, I found the 14t front noisy.

A 44 or 45T rear sprocket will have much the same effect as a 14t front, but is kinder to the chain. Having tried 14/45, 15/45, I settled for 15/44, which suits me.

Or you could go completely mad and fit a 14/45 combo, and just put up with the whine from the front sprocket ...

From what I read 14/42 or 15/45 are the most ''balanced'' ratios for acceleration/top speed/fuel consumption.I think with -1/+3 the engine will work really high constantly.

anyone have a real world top speed experience with just -1 front ?

a friend has a Suzuki GSR 600 2006 and he is asking me to compare the acceleration of our bikes in a straight line :box .I know the Suzuki has 98hp on crankshaft and my Hornet 2001 should have 95 on crankshaft.Will the -1 front down gearing help?

My friend's GSR 600 has a sprocket ratio of 3.00 stock and I notice the bike revs more freely.Stock Hornet runs 2.80 stock ratio.-1 front OR +3 back gets it to 3.00.I am looking for the ''Sweet Spot'' between acceleration AND top speed,if gearing down=more top speed as you claim Steve :Pray !!!

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