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 Post Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:43 am 
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Mine is still working, still charging the battery. The cables are starting to look brittle going to the connector. I have no clue since it was changed or if it has ever been changed. Bike has around 46 000 km on it now.

Question: Replace it or wait until it burns? I don't really want to go that far, also risking burning the stator.
Question 2: If I replace it, should it be with an original, China thing or a Mosphet unit?


 Post Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 3:45 pm 
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Mine burnt out - which caused the battery to explode while I was riding the bike (sounded like a shotgun going off) and I was left stranded - don't know if it took out the stator as the bike isn't fixed up and running since the event - so I will find out how much damage occurred to the electrical system when I put the loom back on and try and start it up.

My bike had heavy winter use - and the wiring going into the reg rect was weathered and falling apart prior to the failure - so if your wiring is crappy then replace the wiring also - I bought the correct connector block complete with terminals and wires (about 5 inches in length) off of amazon - so I can cut out the few inches of damaged original wiring and splice in the new connector and the new wiring prior to fitting a new reg/rect.

Regarding the reg rect - I bought a cheapo Chinese copy off of ebay for literally 5 quid because I'm a cheapskate - the exterior design and quality looks good (actually better than the original as the Chinese one has fins for heat dissipation unlike the original which was just flat) and after testing with the multimeter it seems legit and should work.

Information is mixed regarding cheap Chinese reg/rectifiers as you never really know what you are getting - some people say that the factories producing these reg/rects are the same ones which supply Honda - the same item but a vastly different price depending on whether you buy from Honda or get it straight from the Chinese. This story probably has some truth to it - but there will also be a lot of sub-standard knock off out there and there is no way of telling if you have bought a legit Chinese reg/rect produced for Honda or a crappy one - peoples experience of these reg/rects tends to support this theory - some don't last very long and fail while others last for years - so it tends to be pot luck buying these things - if you want peace of mind then spend some more money and buy something of verifiable quality from a legit company who will provide a warranty etc.

 Post Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 6:14 pm 
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If it aint broke don't fix it... you may well be introducing problems. (Espescially if it's from China!) Having said that; it might be worth doing this to prevent any future woes.

For 'peace of mind' why not fit one of then you'l imediately know the moment the RR starts overcharging or undercharging the battery.

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 Post Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 11:46 am 
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Problem with that Kojaycat kit is that it doesn't include the three way plug from the alternator to the main loom, located down by the air filter inlet snorkel. In my experience it's that connector that gives trouble, corrodes then melts dur to high resistance.

I made up a new loom, three thick yellow wires from the alternator plug to the reg rec plug, green and red wires from reg rec to battery same as Kojaycat kit.

Later on, I fitted a Yamaha mosfet unit, just because I found a new one cheap on Ebay.

On my ancient 175 Hondas I've been fitting the five quid Chinese reg recs with good results, wired as above. As standard, the UK versions of those bikes just have a crude rectifier, no voltage regulator at all, fitting a combined reg rec with a decent gel battery improves things no end.

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