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 Post Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 10:28 pm 

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Hi guys,

Have run into a bit of an electrical issue. I will describe issues experienced leading to this point, the symptoms and what I've done so far. I have a 2007 hornet 600 F7.

So, for a while, I had the starter button issue that caused headlights and high beam not to work. Found a slight wiggle of the button resolved this. Then one day, out of nowhere starter solenoid fuse (main 30A) fries, no dash power, nothing. Replaced fuse, 1000 miles no problem. Then one day, pulled up to petrol station turned bike off, wouldn't start. Checked fuse, sure enough, fried. Replaced and travelled approx 8 miles before bike cuts out. Checked fuse, it's fine. Eventually find ignition wire from battery to loom via inline fuse (not blown) is loose so replaced wire with temporary fix with a blade fuse. During this time, starter button worked intermittently, so shorted solenoid terminals to start just to get home. Since getting home, attempts to start the bike failed. Shorting the solenoid engages the starter motor but I have no FI light, headlights now does fuel pump charge.

Now my efforts focussed on the starter switch initially, so stripped it down and cleaned. However, looking at the 4 copper pads that the switch bridges (normally headlight and no starter when disengaged, starter and no headlight when engaged), I expected to read +Ve from 2 of these pads but only seeing 0.2v. I have taken a direct 12v from battery to each of the pads, individually giving me 1-headlight, 2 giving me FI and fuel pump, 1 giving me starter motor. When trying this with each of the 4 relays removed, one of these functions would stop working. This leads me to believe the relays are functioning correctly.

When I next get chance, I'll look to see why there isn't 12v to the starter switch but in the meantime was hoping for suggestions.

Thanks in advance,


 Post Posted: Sun May 13, 2018 1:37 pm 
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Probably stating the obvious... but have you checked your earth on your battery and the other earthing connections?

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